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We do Residential household & offices cleaning. Residential includes, post renovation cleaning, spring cleaning, post hip cleaning, moving in/out cleaning, weekly once or once every 2 weeks cleaning. Our prices start from $20 per hour.

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    Leave a Request on the Website or by Phone

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    We Will Call You Back to Clarify the Details

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    Cliners Will Come to You and Bring Cleanliness

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    What are We Cleaning

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    Cleaners team

    • Pro Team of 4 Cleaners
    • Cleaning is a Managed
    • All-Inclusive Cleaning
    • The Presence of All Devices

    One cleaner

    • Cleaning with one cleaner
    • Scheduled cleaning
    • Additional Payments
    • Only Detergents
    Pricing plan

    The Best Prices You Can Only Find

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    Performer Arrives at the Appointed Time

    Cliners are Monitored, Including Reviews

    Performers are Selected and Trained

    Standard Cleaning Plan can be Adapted

    We`ll Take Care of Your Home

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